Umm…..A Love Letter To Myself

Are you you worst critic?  Well I am.  When I decided to write this blog, I decided to write for a purpose.  I said I would post a few times per week.  Then life happened, as it does sometimes, and came with a whole hurricane of B.S. that I allowed to trash my focus.  Worst yet, my creativity.  I have always been good at making stuff up (creativity), but I couldn’t for a few weeks.  I’m recommitting myself to my blog.  So, please enjoy this love letter to myself, from myself about….myself.

My Dearest Stacie,

Hey Stacie!  How have you been?  I can tell you’ve been a little testy lately.  A little hurt, a lot disappointed in people.  I can tell when that happens because you stop talking, or writing in this case.  I thought you were lost.  Do you know how I found you?  I followed the trail of empty cookie wrappers, kettle chips, low-sodium Better Made Chips (I know, you don’t like the salt), Ibuprofen (from the headaches).  I said, my Pumpkin’s upset.  Heavens to Betsy!


MMMM!  Fresh baked cookies!  Let’s learn about my favorite desserts!


It’s going to be OK, you know.  A little upheaval is good for us all sometimes.  I know you were already feeling like it was getting to be too much again, but you needed to shake things up too.  Afterall, some pretty good things happened too! You needed to pray and re-center your thoughts.  So, don’t be mad that you didn’t write a blog.  You did your best…plus you lost those hot 2 pounds! You are so outstanding you should reward yourself with a dessert from Astoria Bakery! Ha!



My favorite dessert from Astoria Pastry Shop!


Anyways, it’s been nice re-centering.  Watching the kids eat Play-doh.  Special shout out to those three baskets you made on the basketball court this month.  Girl, you are killing the game! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😉

So glad you’re better now.  Let’s move it forward.  Happy August!  Keep in mind everything happens for a reason you make you better!


Your Pal,




I Looooove cotton candy!!


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