Remember When?


I recently had an opportunity to visit my past.  I was meeting in my old college town and I decided to visit campus and see if I could remember who I used to be.  Ahh memories….



Let’s visit


First things first, orientation

This picture right here is responsible for today’s blog.  I was on my way to get bagels when I came across this sign on this building.   East Quad for freshman orientation!  So they still host it here?  Sweet!

My Mother said it was an absolute  must for me to attend the very first Summer Orientation or my entire rest of my whole life would be ruined forever.  This was the day after graduation from high school. I was thinking  of perhaps basking in the glory of my highschool diploma.  She was thinking of dropping me off.

I guess Mom was right because I’m still alive today! If  that horrible ass tofu burger I had during orientation didn’t kill me, I really don’t think anything can!  I mean, it was terrible!  What’s worst than terrible?  That would be too kind to call that thing!


Moving on


What happened to South University?  It was one of my most favorite streets since I first visited in high school.  What happened to the funky and unique shops in Ann Arbor anyway?  What happened to Middle Earth?  What about the Safe Sex Store? The Mc Donald’s with the big M table?  Are all gone too soon, but never forgotten.  Special shout put to The Princeton Review for all you did for me.


Hey it’s The Rock!


I told myself as a freshmen I would come paint the rock when I graduated.  I lied! I forgot all about the damn rock!  At graduation, I just wanted my diploma.  See ya wouldn’t want to be ya!  “Sayonara Suckers run my sheepskin” is all I remember saying.  Nothing about paintbrushes.  Hmm… Maybe I will remember to bring a little paint next time. (NOT!)


Huron Parkway and Washtenaw


I spent so much time in my life praying on this corner and listening to my SoSoDef purple cassette tape.  What do you think I was praying for?  Sucess with my classes, my future, world peace, a White Christmas?  Nope, I prayed for Public Transportation everyday.  It was cold out there!!  Stacie didn’t want to be in the cold!  Thankfully my prayers were answered each time.  Almost like there was a bus schedule or something.  🤔




Finally Home Sweet Home!



This is the apartment I lived in as a Senior.  It’s coincidentally on Huron Parkway and Washtenaw. I have conveniently circled my kitchen window for your viewing pleasure.  This is the exact spot I made up that random dish in college that my Nephew says is his favorite meal today.  He’s so surprised he’s the only one that’s ever eaten it in his class.  Poor boy will recognize college cooking in due time!







This concludes today’s visit.  Can you believe we conquered undergrad and graduate school here?!  All that praying for buses, I suppose…










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