The Scary Place!

Have you ever considered the power of fear?!  Fear is a very powerful emotion. It’s primal.  We develop fear as infants- and that’s a good thing! Having fear of unknown places, people, situations and even foods is paramount to  survival for us.  Fear is the parent in our head that looks out for us and protects us.  We love fear and come to trust fear, and when we are in duress, we snuggle up with our fears and they can make the best cuddle buddies. Having us feeling all loved, secured and stuck in one place feeling good about feeling bad.




On the other hand, fear sucks and can go kick rocks! Did you know fear had me afraid of one ladybug? One tiny ladybug! One of my most terrifying life experiences involved a ladybug landing on my shirt when I was 3 years old.  Ironically, my shirt had a ladybug design on it. But that was little baby Stacie right? She’s way past that right?  Wrong!!  Let a bee come flying up and through this piece.  Watch me jump up, wiggle and run with the finess of a hippo on rollerblades.




Fear is very expensive!  It robs of connecting with good people and good experiences.   It shows up as self doubt.  It will have you delaying the launch of a new blog for fear of rejection by ones peers, for instance.  Fear also costs financially.  It will have you driving all out of your way, buying things you don’t like to please people you don’t like, participating in events you don’t like….for fear they won’t accept the authentic you. If you aren’t careful, you will pass those fears on to the children in your life.  We won’t even mention the ways fear shapes parenting (and Auntie-ing) choices. Once and for all fear has to be stopped! ( well ok, minimized because it does make such a good cuddle buddy!😆)





You must declare Fear Has No Place Here in your life!  Rip that band-aid off and face it like a lion!!!  And/or realize you’re being irrational, try to figure out why, and take baby steps forward to affirm your decision, then jump! See?  You are so brave! Choose an area of your life and make a move today.  You know where your cuddle buddy will be if you need them, but happiness is actually a kick ass emotion worth meeting!







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