Hello, it’s me!

20170629_174925Soo…..welcome to my blog!  I have had the intention to begin blogging for some time now, and I got the final push yesterday. So, here we are!  Dragging my feet has been so much fun for these past months….72 billion months….but that’s not working anymore.  I have more to say than I realized.  This is also so much easier to write than I thought.

So what will this blog be about.  Many things I suppose.  I’m sure I’ll write professionally about my experiences being Dr. Smith.  I’ll write about being Auntie Stacie.  Caregiver Stacie speaks up a lot, in my head anyway.  The days of the week gods may show up over here too.  Who knows? Then I’ll be just Stacie too.  We’ll learn together about my dreams and day dreams.  I hope you’ll think it’s fun, funny and you’ll learn something along the way!

Stay safe until next time!





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